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We are here to help with your dewatering needs. We have a mobile trial trailer that is available to conduct an on-site trial at your facility. We can also jar test grab samples of your material at our warehouse. We help with training and installation and are available 24/7 to answer questions.


We can conduct an on-site trial to demonstrate our Multi-Disc Dewatering Screw Press technology by processing samples of your wastewater process. Our press is designed to reduce the water in the sludge by up to 75%. The material discharged from the press will be in a dry cake making it a solid. This will reduce your liquid hauling costs and material can be hauled in a roll-off container.


We take the time to understand your chemistry needs for optimal results. We jar test grab samples and work with local labs to find the right chemistry composition for your project. Customers are encouraged to send grab samples to our Arizona lab for jar testing prior to on-site demonstrations.


We can build specialty items in house to customize your project. We build stainless steel stands and platforms and can help with specialty plumbing needs.


We can help you find sustainable off-take options for your dried solids, from anaerobic digesters to composters.


At the installation of the Multi-Disc Press we
conduct a system start-up. This includes an
electrical & mechanical check, instrument
calibration and final dry testing. We also
troubleshoot during the system check to make
sure your press is optimized for your project.


At the installation of the Multi-Disc Press we conduct a training for your technicians to operate the press. If further support is needed, we are available for additional training services or repair issues.

Schedule Your
On-Site Trial

On-Site Trial

During the trial we will process your post manufacturing waste with our screw press, and we will take time to understand your chemistry needed for optimal results

We have a variety of Multi-Disc Screw Press
sizes to meet the objective of your project.

 You can call us at 928-300-4939 or e-mail us to discuss your
requirements or to schedule an on-site trial.

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